The Plaenge Group

With more than 45 years operating in the segments of home incorporation, civil construction and industrial assemblies and projects, the Plaenge Group is currently one of the most traditional engineering groups and the largest private group in the country.

In the residential segment, the Plaenge Group occupies a prominent position in 7 cities, in 4 Brazilian states, delivering 367 residential condominiums, providing high-quality housing for about 85,000 people. Grupo Plaenge operates with the Plaenge brand - for the "premium" public and the Vanguard Home brand - focused on young public.

In 2009, the company started its globalization process with the constitution of Plaenge in Chile, developing housing projects in 3 Southern regions, with several project already delivered.

In the industrial segment, Plaenge Industrial has a portfolio of projects and industrial assemblies carried out in 19 Brazilian states and in Venezuela, with Coca-Cola, Unilever, Philip Morris, Sig Combibloc, Michelin, Adams, as its main clients.

Plaenge Group Companies


Along 45 years in the Residential Real Estate segment, Plaenge deals with premium clients.

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Vanguard Home

Established in 2006, Vanguard Home offers apartments with private built up to 100 square meters.

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Plaenge Chile

Since 2009 in Southern Chile, Plaenge develops housing projects and has delivered several projects.

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Plaenge Industrial

The Industrial Division of the Plaenge Group has a portfolio with more than 400 accomplished projects in 19 Brazilian states and Venezuela.

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